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The Best Backpack ACES The best solution for cathodic corrosion protection

Made in Italy Anti-Corrosion System

ACES is an advanced impressed current electronic device, designed in Italy (European Patent 0630426) which, by means of a special titanium anode, allows the protection of boilers and tanks.

Extend the life of the tank

ACES multiplies the life of the tank by 10/15 times and doesn’t require any maintenance, thus reducing costs due to periodic interventions.


The periodic updates on the electronic circuit, the result of years of research in our laboratories, have allowed us to significantly reduce the electricity consumption of our product.


ACES is a product certified by the best competent Bodies and tested for several years under different conditions.

Easy to install

It can be installed with the same simplicity of a magnesium anode and a coloured LED allows you to easily check the correct functioning anytime.

  • Stop the Corrosion 01
  • Automatic Fitting 02
  • Prevents the formation of hydrogen 03
  • Prevents Sulfur smell in Hot Water 04

Stop the Corrosion

Automatic Fitting

Discover our best technology

The excellence of our products

The ISO 9001: 2015 certification highlights MG ANODI INTERNATIONAL's propensity to continuously improve its performance and the effectiveness of its management procedures. The ISO certification confirms MG ANODI's ability to ensure that corporate organizational processes are conducted correctly and assigns clear responsibilities for the preparation, implementation and control of the entire quality management system.

Compatible with all tank models

The experience gained and MG ANODI's predisposition to spread a product suitable for everyone on the market, gives customers the opportunity to request a personalized study for each tank, from domestic boilers to large industrial plants

Custom Study

MG ANODI performs a study to guarantee the most suitable technical protection for the treated tank. In tanks with capacity of over 1,000 Liters there is also the possibility of using ACES with a unipolar cable that allows the connection of two anodes, in relation to the capacity of the boiler, from small civil tanks to very large industrial tanks.

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